Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Missed a day, so let's do two...

Okay, next in my ongoing series of gripes with VH1's list of greatest musicians, guitarists. I'm going to do frontmen as well today because I don't have too many bitches with these lists.

Here's what VH1 had for guitarists.

10. David Gilmore, Pink Floyd
9. Toni Iommi, Black Sabbath
8. Brian May, Queen
7. Randy Rhodes
6. Ritchie Blackmore
5. Stevie Ray Vaughn
4. Eddie Van Halen, Van Halen
3. Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin
2. Eric Clapton
1. Jimi Hendrix

Pretty nice list. One huge omission for me is Pete Townsend. I'm a Dave Navarro guy as well. Navarro's my favorite rock guitarist, so he'd be up there for me. Randy Rhodes was awfully good, but I wonder if he hadn't died so young how he'd fare on these kinds of lists. For that matter, I was surprised Cliff Burton didn't make the bassist list.

Anyway, Rhodes seems to me to be a shredder, so if he's on the list, why not Yngwie Malmsteen or Dave Mustaine? I don't know. I've bever been much for that style. I recognize how hard it is to do, but all of the solos end up sounding kind of the same. It's technically impressive, but it lacks something. For me.

That said, I don't know what I change on that list. A few additions, which means a few subtractions.

10. Tony Iommi
9. Brian May
8. Pete Townsend
7. Dave Navarro
6. Eddie Van Halen
5. Trey Spruance
4. Stevie Ray Vaughn
3. Jimmy Page
2. Eric Clapton
1. Jimi Hendrix

Moving right along, VH1's list of greatest frontmen:

10. Roger Daltrey
9. Bono
8. David Bowie
7. Bruce Springsteen
6. Jim Morrisoin
5. Steven Tyler
4. David Lee Roth
3.Robert Plant
2. Freddie Mercury
1. Mick Jagger

The heck with it. I wouldn't change anything on this list. I don't care enough about "frontmen" to argue this one.

Up next: VH1's greatest rock bands. Wow. What a problematic list.

Friday, November 16, 2007

VH1 and Drummers

Okay, so yesterday I griped about the bassist list and now it's the drummers.

First, though, a pertinent video:

Okay, now that we're all warmed up. Away we go.

Here's what VH1 came up with on the drummers:
10. Nicko McBrain, Iron Maiden
9. Alex Van Halen, Van Halen
8. Stewart Copeland, The Police
7. Phil Collins, Genesis
6. Ginger Baker, Cream
5. Carl Palmer, Asia
4. Ian Pace, Deep Purple
3. Keith Moon, The Who
2. Neal Peart, Rush
1. John Bonham, Led Zeppelin

It's hard to argue with much there. Well, actually, I'll go ahead and argue. First some notable leave-offs. How can Mitch Mitchell not be there? I'm not surprised Jimmy Chamberlain isn't there, but he ought to be. Tim Alexander? Criminy! Ringo Starr's absence is unacceptable.

Enough complaining, though. They did include Copeland, even if it is too low a ranking for him. I was sure they'd overlook him. I was also pleasantly surprised to see Phil Collins make the list and he should absolutely be there. What a fanstastic and largely underrated drummer he is.

The Top 3 seems just right. To me it's pretty much a tie for first between those three. From there it's hard to pick one over another, but I'll give it a shot.

10. Lars Ulrich, Metallica
9. Phil Collins, Genesis
8. Jimmy Chamberlain, Smashing Pumpkins
7. Tim "Herb" Alexander, Primus
6. Stewart Copeland, The Police
5. Ringo Starr, The Beatles
4. Mitch Mitchell, The Jimi Hendrix Experience
1. Keith Moon, The Who
1. Neil Peart, Rush
1. John Bonham, Led Zeppelin

So that's that. Tune in Monday for the guitarists. It's a pretty good list. Maybe it's just right. We'll see.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Top 10 Lists

I'm not an idiot. Okay, I am an idiot, but that's beside the point. Anyway, VH1 Classic (one of the great channels on expanded basic cable) is running a series of Top 10 countdowns in anticipation of the upcoming video game "Rock Band." I don't know what that video game is. It's probably like "Guitar Hero." Whatever.

So these lists name the Top 10 Frontmen, Guitarists, Bassists, Drummers, and Rock Bands. Obviously, any time there's such a list, there are an endless number of detractors and as much as I hate to add myself to the cacaphony, I can't help it.

I watched the Bassist Episode, and here's what they came up with:

10. Steve Harris, Iron Maiden
9. Geezer, Black Sabbath
8. Les Claypool, Primus
7. John Paul Jones, Led Zeppelin
6. Jack Bruce, Cream
5. Flea, Red Hot Chili Peppers
4. Paul McCartney, Wings
3. Geddy Lee, Rush
2. Chris Squire, Yes
1. John Entwistle, The Who

Where to begin...

First of all, they left Sting off the list. I'll give Entwistle props. Won't argue with his being #1. I'd put Les Claypool #2 because nobody should really be higher. Another leave-off for me is Eric Avery (Jane's Addiction, Deconstruction, Polar Bear). As much love as JA gets, the fact that nothing of theirs is listenable post-Avery indicates who wore the pants in that band. Flea is good, but has been severely overrated for damn near 20 years. McCartney is phenomenal, definitely deserves being there. Who else? Colin Greenwood from Radiohead. Bill Wyman from The Stones.

Here's what I'd argue listwise:

10. Eric Avery, Jane's Addiction
9. Bill Wyman, The Rolling Stones
8. Steve Harris, Iron Maiden
7. Sting, The Police
6. John Paul Jones, Led Zeppelin
5. Chris Squire, Yes
4. Geddy Lee, Rush
3. Paul McCartney, Wings
2. Les Claypool, Primus
1. John Entwistle, The Who

Hon. Mention: Colin Greenwood, Radiohead; Flea, Red Hot Chili Peppers; Billy Sheehan (?), Mr. Big --> in no particular order.

What do I know?

Anyway, the outrage will continue tomorrow, give or take. I can only imagine that their guitarist, drummer, etc. lists will be equally silly. I mean, come on! Who can do what Les Claypool does? And he sings, too, while he's doing it. Ridiculous.