Monday, October 8, 2007

Here's the Barn Owl Review Cover

So I put this up on the site the other day and Mary has also plugged it. I'm really happy to see the positive reactions, especially on Mary's blog.

A bit about the photo: While driving to Chicago this past August for my step-brother's wedding, I got caught in gawker traffic outside of Miller, Indiana. Or maybe it was Gary. Well, they're both in the same general area.

At any rate, I had enough time to grab my camera and snapped a couple of pics.

I like it for the cover because it has a punk thing going on. And to me, punk evokes a DIY approach, which relates directly to BOR because we're handling everything ourselves.

We're so punk.

1 comment:

Penultimatina said...

Erm, we're not printing it ourselves. That's a lot to ask from an HP Desk Jet 3600.